DawgGawn Rabbits

Quality Mini Lops

Welcome to DawgGawn Rabbits. My name is Deena Gentry. I live in beautiful Northern California. I go to great lenghs to ensure my rabbits are healthy and vigourous. They are kept in large cages with resting mats and fed a good quality commercial brand rabbit pellet along with meadow grass hay. They are groomed twice a week or more. My babies are weaned at 10 weeks of age. Babies that are not kept for show or sold are butchered and put into my freezer. I have very small rabbitry so I concentrate on quality, not quanity!  I also have chickens, turkeys, a Paint stock mare named Gracie, a donkey named Dixie, two dogs named Willy and Louie. Oh yes, a wonderful husband who puts up with me and my "Petting Zoo" as he calls it!